Sunday, August 06, 2006

on the upswing!

After a few tough days i'm almost back to normal!! Yesterdays run was supposed to be a good one (5km tempo ..HILLY then 6 x a 400m hill) but i was still not feeling up to par and I got the steady state workout with 2 hill repeats! But it obviously worked because i'm much better today..that and the cold fx! We did an easy big island loop at thetis after that (swimming). Later in the day i did another 30 min run...which really helps! It made me feel so much better. Had an epsom bath and in bed before 9! Tried to do hot cold but after waiting an hour with no ice I gave up! oooh only 2 points! Then today we swam at durrance..Perimeter to warm up with 4x 50m accels then 2 rounds of 300m , 300m, 600m fast and after the last 600 we got out and jumped on our bikes and rode 5 mins up willis point hill then got back in the water, did 300 easy and then 300 back hard and got out and jumped on our bikes and did the same thing again. It was weird because on the climbs I was going pretty well but my legs felt like they were being pumped with lactic acid! My swim was good too. Then we rode loops of the west saanich loop (just under 30 mins hard effort) I did 1 loop and the rest of the group did 2. I was going really well...hangin with the boys (whos effort wasn' the same as mine :) and i got stung by a bee and then a few minutes later it started getting really hard and then REALLY hard and then i realized that i had a flat and it was like 400m from the start/finish spot! So Joel and i decided that i wasn't meant to finish that ride! so craig gave me a ride back to my warm down...yessss!!! but i still have a 30 min easy run tonight which should do the trick. Did hot cold at SCP on the way home..recovery point...check.

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  1. Hey Kirsten,
    Best of luck in your upcoming World Championships in Switzerland. Ciao!
    Scarlett. :)