Thursday, August 31, 2006

I finally have the time to write another blog! I got tired of the old system and just bought myself some time.. I cant believe its been over 2 weeks and i race in 2 days!!! The time has gone by so fast considering we havent left the hotel for more than a couple hours a day!
Training has been going well...a lot less volume with hints of intensity.. we did a monday was easy...tuesday was a shorter swim with 8x100 mid race pace where i held 1:06's and 7's...but in a wetsuit! The pool is still freezing... then we did a run on the course later in the day with 3x 3 mins mid race pace...this run felt awesome! I found myself running near Lauren Groves which was a cool place to be! Yesterday we did an open water swim on the course and 8:00 am to simulate race day and it was FREEZING! and after we got back an downed a few hot chocolates with breakfast #2 we went for a bike ride with some short 2 min race efforts on a slight grade.. Today was an easy swim and i will go on a tour of the bike course now in a bit and then its my pre race meeting! I love pre race meetings! They're sooo exciting! All the work is done now and its just time for the show! World Championships has a different feel this year...I put it on a bit of a pedestal last year but this year i know that its just a race...its a 750m swim 20km bike and 5km run! Last year i wasn't nervous but i didn't know what to expect..this year i still don't have nerves..its not in me to get nervous! which i am very very thankful for! but i know what im getting into..i know what i have to do and and what i can do and its a lot easier going into a race like this! Plus...its going to be like 20 degrees out so i know i can finish the run!!! The only bad news out of the past couple days is that i am number 27 on the wait list for the Hamburg World Cup!!! Sooo...i am switching my flights today because i will not be getting in... :(... i was so excited for my first world cup but i can just go and then prepare for Cancun.... Ok well this will probably be the last blog until after the race! I will try to get to the computer sometime on saturday or sunday.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

geneva to now..

raced the Swiss Jr. Nationals in Geneva on sunday.. wasn't sure how i was going to feel..jet lagged and semi that i mean saturday...i decided this race would be a good race to try caffeine before worlds..i took 200 mg and headed off to the race site.. i triied doing my run warm up in the morning like 2.5 hrs before the start and then doing a bike warm up with like 1:15 to start then set up transition and swim warm up....i think it worked really well! I forgot my wetsuit in Lausanne so Jess kindly lent me hers..the start was on wooden boardwalk type thing that was maybe a foot off the ground and we ran of that onto a rocky beach into the least they erent sharp rocks. as soon as i started swimming i couldnt catch my breath. I started almost panicking and i thought i might have too drop out! but i kept third place..Anais (jr. world champ and training partner here) was leading with a british athlete between us...when we got about half way my breathing started to come around and i got onto Anais' feet and we had a looong run up to transition where the 2 of us dropped the british girl and started biking together with girls like Daniela Ryf behind (who by the way just came 9th at the last world cup in hungary) so we are working together well until on the steep climb ...the 2nd time through anais dropped off quickly..turns out her seat had come a bit loose and was wobbling when she i found myself solo...exactly what i didn't want! i came here to draft! but we rode the same distance apart for the last 1.5 laps and then onto the run.. i felt great! but i decided i wanted to decend the run so i maintained a somewhat comfortable pace and as soon as i got into the 2nd lap i immediately picked up the pace..but my stomach was hurting a lot...and when i got half way out into the 2nd lap i started to feel my breakfast...then see it....and i stopped for a 2nd to get the job done...then i started running back towards the finish and realized that my suit was a little messy and my throat was really burning and i really wanted water...only thing was that there weren't any more water stops! but i saw 2 bottles off the course and i ran over to get them and then i saw anais right behind me! she started the run 20 sencinds behind me then 35 after the 1st lap and now she was right behind me! so i had to pick it up into the finish..So anais and i both had sme unfortunate things happen but we came 1-2 so that was good! ok my internet time is up!

Friday, August 18, 2006


forgot to finish last post...weekend was good, hard bricks on saturday at uvic...3x 3 loops of ring road on bike and 1km run off! felt pretty good...swam easy of monday and did a 60 min easy ride..tuesday did a swim with a little start speed and then travelled! it was a looong trip..stayed up all night on the plane and then got right into swiss time(9 hrs ahead)..sort of..woke up at 2:30 in the morning and was ready to go! bt I'm on track now. It is beautiful here. We are right on the lake with tons of mountains surrounding us..we have had some pretty cool rides through the city...up cobblestone hills...SUPER steep! AP and Sean saw a sign for a 34% grade!!!! Scetchy streets but super fun. We have been swimming in a freezing cold pool! its this nice outdoor 50m pool but today we had to wear wetsuits in it!! ..tomorrow we are taking the train to geneva in the morning and riding the course and going to the race briefing..should be a good race..very competitive!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

ok I got a lot to remember!

Monday: easy 3k swim with some 50's all stuff

legs off

Tuesday: Swam 4k with 2x (3x100 on 1:30, 3x 100 on 1:25, 3x100 on 1:15 and 3x100 on 1:20) I swam soooo horrible! I have never swam thaat slow before! Well...this year. But I went to the chiro and found out that my rhomboids were "not firing" which happenned before when i got my shoulder thing and he said that would explain the bad swim! So i was happy to hear that.

Then we ran in the afternoon at Lochside. 16x 400 at "1okm pace" well i was on like sub 33 pace! haha The guys in the group did 25 and smoked it. I actually had a really good run that day.

30 min easy run

Wednesday: Swam open wateer at thetis in the morning. Big island loop TT! Non wetsuit. I wasn't feeling the greatest but luckily Nick came rom behind me and I drafted him the whole way around the island.

Then we biked later out to Newton Heights where we used to race crits and we had our own little crit...primes included! It is a short loops with 2 good hills per loop. I did 2x 5 loops and was suffering! I was working really hard but not going too fast! It wasn't horrible but not great either. So from coaches orders Jill and Scotty and Jeff and I rode home giving up all our prime points while the rest of the group did another 5 loops!

In the evening Jess and i did a 45 min easy run...ouch

Thursday: Easy swim... 3km with a few little accels

30 min easy run at like 9:15 after swimming...again...ouch

1 hr run with 3x (3 min, 2 min, 1 min) worked on high turnover

Friday: Swim...test set! 200m TT then 4x 400 best a group...this was not a good day! we were TIRED! but we all gave 100% so we still got a good workout

ok i gotta finish this later i gotta go to a workout!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

on the upswing!

After a few tough days i'm almost back to normal!! Yesterdays run was supposed to be a good one (5km tempo ..HILLY then 6 x a 400m hill) but i was still not feeling up to par and I got the steady state workout with 2 hill repeats! But it obviously worked because i'm much better today..that and the cold fx! We did an easy big island loop at thetis after that (swimming). Later in the day i did another 30 min run...which really helps! It made me feel so much better. Had an epsom bath and in bed before 9! Tried to do hot cold but after waiting an hour with no ice I gave up! oooh only 2 points! Then today we swam at durrance..Perimeter to warm up with 4x 50m accels then 2 rounds of 300m , 300m, 600m fast and after the last 600 we got out and jumped on our bikes and rode 5 mins up willis point hill then got back in the water, did 300 easy and then 300 back hard and got out and jumped on our bikes and did the same thing again. It was weird because on the climbs I was going pretty well but my legs felt like they were being pumped with lactic acid! My swim was good too. Then we rode loops of the west saanich loop (just under 30 mins hard effort) I did 1 loop and the rest of the group did 2. I was going really well...hangin with the boys (whos effort wasn' the same as mine :) and i got stung by a bee and then a few minutes later it started getting really hard and then REALLY hard and then i realized that i had a flat and it was like 400m from the start/finish spot! So Joel and i decided that i wasn't meant to finish that ride! so craig gave me a ride back to my warm down...yessss!!! but i still have a 30 min easy run tonight which should do the trick. Did hot cold at SCP on the way home..recovery point...check.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Test Day!

Today was Vo2 max test day...I knew when i got up this morning and got lactic in my legs walking up the steps it was going to be a tough day. But I headed to Uvic with positive thoughts ....which didnt do anything for me! I was 1 notch lower on the bike and the run. off day i guess. Well actually i would have been pretty impressed with myself if i PB'd after travelling 18 hours 2 days before and having a cold. After that i stopped at thrifty's for some chocolate milk and headed to the pool for my swim. 4km with 10x 300m 6 pull 4 swim. Did it in the hot pool to prepare for crystal's hot water! The swim actually made me feel a lot better. Went home...had time to lay down for a bit...while on the computer so no recovery points for me!!! :( then went out for a group ride with an hour of skills and games which was really fun and then for a easy FLAT spin...flat meaning up every "no exit" climb in broadmead! but it was good extra prep for lausanne! everything counts! then iced in the ocean on the way home...epsom salt bath after dinner..then legs up the wall for a half hour while icing calves and massaging hip flexure.. Multi tasking..and I'm watchin a movie now in bed so that'll be over before 9 and i just got myself 3 points! shoulda put that dang computer away during my rest! I'm supposed to be at andrews BBQ right now but I figured i better recover before i get in a hole with this dang cold.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

just thought I'd let you all know that i epsomed it last night and was in bed before 9:00.......5 POINTS!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


After many hours of travelling and catching a coId I made it home at 1:30 (pacific time) this morning! I pulled an all-nighter on the Newfie clock! But I made it to swim practice this morning where we did a 900m warm up then some starts and then the group did a non-wetsuit big island TT where I just swam steady. Then we swam a good effort small loop as a group. My swim this morning was supposed to be easy so I kept my wetsuit on during the 900m to keep the effort down. Then later in the morning I did an easy 30 min run and then a 60 min spin ...iced the legs and got some accupuncture and massage..i will most definately get to bed before 9 tonight as i am still on the newfie clock! So how many points is that??? 3!?!? maybe i'll have an epsom salt bath just to get my 4 points and the bonus point!!! I can't believe how this game sucks you in!!!