Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We're Here!

It seems like everytime I come to Europe it gets a little easier. I got upgraded for the 10hr flight so the plane ride was easy...eat, sleep, eat, land...with a little spider man 3 mixed in with meals. Done and DONE. As for the city, I haven't seen too much yet...but I've heard there is great shopping behind our hotel :) Tehre seems to be a lot of "Sexum Hamburg" shops...like 3 surrounding our hotel...I heard Joel picked out the hotel... Rooms are nice..everything looks good. Got in in the afternoon yesterday, swam 2k, dinner, massage, chiro, bed! Then swam this morning 3k with some changes in pace an ez run around a beautiful lake and a spin on the trainers. Felt pretty good especially considering travel yesterday. Lots of resting to be done...in my own room which is good if i don't go crazy first! Looking forward to scoping out the course tomorrow. Haven't taken pictures yet but there will be some soon. More updates coming...


  1. I'm sorry I wont be there to see you race in person, but will follow the race as much as possible on the web.
    Best wishes to you, Carolyn Murray, Kathy Tremblay and Lauren Groves on race day.

  2. Hey Kirsten,

    Well I for one am glad you came to Salford, at least I got a chance to cheer you on! Sorry the result wasn't what you wanted. I think the wetsuit swim and flat technical bike course didn't suit your style. Good luck in Hamburg in whatever race you go for.


  3. hey kiks,
    too bad you forgot to call...I didn't get to see you before you and I left. Apparently I may see you nxt summer, however. GOOD LUCK DUDE! Have fun, remember to paint eat + drink onto your handlebars. It will help, I promise!
    ya, so I can't find your email, which is why I keep commenting here......
    peace yo

  4. Remember if you wanna see some of the WC videos where you did the best...you can go to my blog and watch them.

    Feel free to tell me if you want more videos to be uploaded or if you want any other help regarding that.

    Good luck at worlds...i'll be around thru tricast!

    take care,



  5. hey tara! I feel sooo bad about missing you before you left! Busy times pre worlds... how is Uni so far?! Swimming hard? ok well I'll email u later so u have my address again, don't party too hard! ;-)


  6. Don't worry about it, I didn't take it personally. We both know how the only athletes who make time to do anything else is swimmers haha. ya, if we are found at a party or are seen in party pictures we are pretty much taken off the team, so I wouldn't worry about me partying too much haha
    ya, email me...probably after the race? um, good luck again. hydration is key haha

  7. Kristin,
    Thank yo for blogging. It gives me motivation and lots of great info on how i can be a better triathlete. Also something funny you might like. A few weeks ago I did an Aquathon in South Korea and you were the cover girl on the athlete information package.