Monday, April 13, 2009

Squishy Knickers!

I apologize for the lack of posting once again! This post will be quick too as i am heading down for a nap before running.

I just got back from a great hill ride in the rain. Yep, another ride in the rain! I thought Queensland was in a constant state of drought...not so as of late!! Every time i get on my bike or scooter i get soaked! i am getting very tired of squishy bike knicks and sopping jeans...

Todays wet ride was great though. We did 4 laps of Mt. Coot-Tha 1 moderate, 1 solid, 1 as 20seconds fast 40 ez and another solid. I haven't had a good session at Coot-Tha in a while...after so many times suffering up it I was thinking of changing the name to Struggle St. so it was nice to finally conquer Coot-Tha! (ok that was lame ;) I wasn't feeling too good when i woke up (massive indian dinner right before bed...not the best idea...) but i surprised myself with a great session! I have been working to put on a teensy bit of weight over the past few weeks and this has really helped my strength on the bike! I felt really strong today!

After New Plymouth I continued to plod along with some solid work..not really any recovery. I did a 2hr ride in the morning and then a heart rate set in the pool in the afternoon. Wednesday we did a hilly 3.5 hour ride with 3 10min efforts and then a solid fartlek run in the arvo. 5,4,3,2,1,:30 x2 ...ran really well..was pleased! Thursday was an 1:15 hilly run and short rest in the pool. Friday was off ;) then Saturday we did a 2hr ride with a 50min TT then an aerobic swim and then had an easter brunch bbq at the pool! I also got the afternoon off and Sunday only had a long run so i did manage to get some recovery in..just a little delayed! Yesterday was a strength swim in the morning and a tready set in the afternoon. 6x5mins strength aerobic, 1 min recovery...not too hard..just turnin the legs over at 16.5km/hr with a bit of incline..done and done! I find it so crazy how I haven't run really hard or put in many km's but am improving! I'm always running within the comfort zone...mostly well within it and somehow running is getting easier! Hey, I'll take it! :) do less, go easier..go faster?? huh?

We're just ticking along at the moment..nothing crazy hard so we can keep a bit of a cap on the fitness. This means i have had lots of time to spend with my friends here before i go..only 2 weeks left!! :( i am so excited to come home though so it makes it easier to leave.

So much for this being a quick post! Nap time!! :)

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