Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All aboard the Pain Train!

It's that time of year where the training is starting to pick up a bit and our fitness is NOT ready! But there's only one way to get fitness! As they say, "the best way out is through!" The entire squad left the station on the Pain Train this morning! Pat has decided to ramp up the swimming! Not insanely but we are in no shape for any sort of changes! Yesterday after 3 weeks of swimming with literally NO effort, we did an 800TT. OH OUCH. I hurt from 100m in..that numb feeling you get in the last 100...I had it at 75m...only 725m to go! :) I swam a 10:15 long course which is pretty awful but to be honest...about what I expected! Then today the coaches were in meetings but left us a workout....5k with 3x(400 neg split, 2x200 ss, 2x100 1 fast, 1 ez) all short rest....oh dear. With 20+ ppl in our pool space there was basically a tsunami! We all worked really hard and got it done. I exploded with 50m to go on the last round...not that i was ever going that fast! Then I went to yoga then we met for a cross ride on the usual back trails...the mud is getting deeper! Those rides are always lots of fun, especially when the sun is out! Then we did our gym at PISE and off to the HoJo for a notified drug test! Blood and urine. So happy they are finally doing blood samples as well!

The days have been quite busy! Usually away from the house from 7:00am-5:30pm..its like an office job! The days usually follow the trend of training, yoga, massage or chiro, training, training and sometimes more training! hahaha I guess I cant really complain..."ugh i had to go to yoooga!" haha rough life :)

Now it's time for some fall baking! (Pumpkin spice muffins :) Been loving the warm dishes and flavours of fall! All things I missed in OZ!

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