Saturday, December 26, 2009


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! we had a good time even though it was weird because it was our first Christmas without dad. We went out to Butchart Gardens Christmas eve and walked to gardens to find the 12 days of Christmas. But not without a little treat in honour of dad ;)

Toasting Dad with sambuca...although i think we'd toast to anything with sambuca! ;)

ridin the carousel ..after the sambuca :)

Carolers at Butchart Gardens

Christmas morning was nice. Everyone was way too good to me. Although the higlight of the morning ha to be this scrapbook for Erika. Broke my heart! She had me bawling! hahaha pictures, poems and notes....she was trying to make me cry!

the only way to keep Zoe out of the presents!

After prezzies we called dad on skype and opened our gift from him...big lululemon gift certificate! Then we made the usual Christmas brunch. I got out the nutella in honour of dad....god honouring dad is fun! nutella...sambuca.....

For dinner we had my Aunt, cousin and her boyfriend over. It was a great evening of wine, chatter and food! oh and a lil' sambuca :)

what is it with Sweetlands and their Sambuca!?!

Dad gave mom a beautiful necklace for Christmas...we were attempting to take a picture with the necklace in it...oops!

Little swim today and last big dinner for the season at our friends house! Training camp starts tomorrow!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Happy Holidays Kirsten :)

  2. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas, even though your dad wasn't there. It's great you've got such a great relationship with your folks and your sister and that she put together such a great album for you!

    Easy on the Sambuca! It'll put hair on your chest (and you probably don't want that)!