Sunday, February 06, 2011

K is for Klutz!

What a day! I raced my first enduro triathlon today which is a fun, fast new format. 400m swim/7k bike/1.8k run/200m swim/7k bike/1.8k run. It was a good challenge logistically and physically. I don't think any of us are prepped for such a fast race at this time of year so we were all in the hurt box!

I had a great first round. I found myself running quite comfortably at the front and then realized that unless I planned on solo'ing the next 3 legs I should not waste too much energy. Ashleigh Gentle was not far back and she is a wickedcrazy (i made a new word) fast runner so I tried to keep it strung out a little so we didn't get lazy in a pack and let her tag on the back. It's a good thing I had that little gap because when I took my shoes off the insoles came out too! I quickly put them back in, accidentally grabbed the wrong goggles and ran back into the water. I struggled to see out of the unfamiliar goggles and this was a problem because I was leading the swim! I came out way on the right edge of the ramp that was covered in algae and super slippery. I slid along trying to exit and on virtually my last step I slipped and landed straight on my butt! It was like those cartoons where someone slips on a banana peel! haha It was pretty funny. Would have been more funny if it didn't hurt so much! I happened to land on a broken edge of the concrete so not only did I take a huge amount of impact on my sacrum I also cut my back and my race suit! :( I got up and continued, though painful, it wasn't enough to stop! My chain had come off my bike and I stopped to put that back on and luckily it went on with ease and I rode off with the girls. I struggled through the last bike and run sections but finished it off as best as I could. I ended up 4th and was very happy for it to be done! It was a ton of fun but man that fast stuff hurts! Lauren and I were thinking at this point in the season we would rather do 20km uphill than 1.8k! It was great practice for the upcoming race season though and I'm glad I did it. That is if this pelvis thing turns out ok!!

My clutz day continued when I slammed my finger in the car door, hard enough to draw blood! Then when I returned home I spent some time cleaning the floors and making a big salad to keep for the week ahead. I went to get the milk and knocked it over and although I demonstrated Matrix skills to catch it with one hand, I simultaneously threw the giant bowl of salad from the other hand onto my freshly cleaned floor. :) Let's hope that's the last of it! I'm going to bed soon so odds are in my favour!

Back to the grind tomorrow. If anything this race was a good chance to get a days rest from training!! :) Back fresh as a daisy tomorrow I hope.


  1. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Enduro will be fascinating to watch. It will be so tactical. Hope KS doesn't take any risks with her fitness for the elite 2011!.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Despite all that you still come across as positive and're a winner in so many great ways.

  3. Well done Kirsten. For Duathlons or any repeat run race I use two pairs of shoes because I had the same problem with the inserts coming out after the first run. Serious racing flats for the second run makes me feel faster for the final split!